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Minerva Tempocord


Minerva Tempocord

A multi-band radio receiver from the year 1957 is the Tempocord of the company Minerva. The company Minerva was founded in Vienna in 1919 and began in 1924 with the production of radio receivers. The radios were initially made under the name Radiola or Aeriola. It was not until 1926 that the receivers were built under the name Minerva. The name Minerva was used until 1972.

The device here refuses any service after being supplied with the mains voltage. Thus, a first error is found quickly. The mains voltage does not reach the transformer. The reason for this is the mains fuses, which protect the transformer from all poles. Here are both broken. Probably because the transformer tap was clamped to 220V … Rectification and smoothing capacitors are fine.
a look inside the paperfuse
paper fuse
The fuses, however, are wrapped in paper security wires, which are wrapped at the ends each with a brass clip. Due to the lack of availability of these old fuses, the fuse holders located on the Trafoprint have been swapped for current ones and reinserted. After carefully raising the supply voltage, the receiver was again able to elicit sounds …

Technical Data:

  • Manufacturer brand: Minerva-Radio Wien
  • Model:  Tempocord
  • Construction year: 1960
  • Typ: Radio receiver (postwar receiver)
  • tubes: ECC85 ECH81 EF89 EBF89 EM81 EABC80 EL84 EZ80
  • Operating principle / construction: Superhet receiver IF 480/10700 kHz
  • 2 NF stages . 11 FM circles and 6 AM circles
  • wavebands: longwave, medium-wave, shortwave and ultrashortwave
  • Supplyvoltage: 110V, 130V, 150V, 220V,  240Volt
  • Speaker: dynamic permanentmagnet-ovalspeaker
  • Wooden housing with dimensions: (BxHxT)55 x 32 x 25 cm

(sources: wikipedia)

IMAG0040 IMAG0041

(the device was provided for documentation purposes by: Berti)