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The retro collection is growing very slowly but steadily. I am constantly looking for new copies on various Internet protals. Above all, I am looking for specimens that I once owned myself as a child or adolescent. But I’m also looking for objects that help complete a collection. Unfortunately, it is sometimes very difficult to get hold of copies without having to invest huge sums of money. That’s why I thought about creating this page here and posting a list of objects that are missing from the collection or that I am still looking for.

Commodore Computer

So if anyone finds a part or device listed here in their basement or attic and wants to get rid of it and maybe even donate it, then I would be very happy. I will of course then also create a blog post from it and, if the donor (;-)) wants it, also mention him by name in the post.

So here is the list of exhibits that I’m looking for:

Complete devices:

  • Sinclair ZX-Spectrum
  • Sinclair ZX-80
  • Sinclair ZX-81 / Timex TS1000
  • Sinclair QL
  • Commodore VIC20
  • Commodore 128
  • Commodore Plus4
  • Commodore Plus4 Keyboard or just the “RUN/STOP” key
  • Commodore Floppy 1551
  • Vectrex Arcade Video Game System
  • Galaxy II Tabletop Arcade Game
  • SONY TCM5000EV (Portable Cassettenrecorder)
  • SONY TC-510 (Portable Bandrecorder)
  • CASIO FX-880p (at all: CASIO Pocketcomputer)
  • Videocamcorder JVC-GR-C7 (Videocamcorder VHS-C Videomovie from 1984-86)
  • SONY Video8 Camcorder CCD-V3 (Camcorder mid/end of 1980ies
  • PHILIPS DCC170  (Portable DCC Recorder)
  • PHILIPS PHILETTA B2D03A (Tube radio) oder
  • PHILIPS PHILETTA B2D93A (Tube radio ca. 1959/60)

Spare parts / ICs and various:

  • MOS 7501  (8 Bit CPU)
  • MOS 8501  (8 Bit CPU)
  • uPD4416 (DRAM-Chips)
  • uPD4464 (DRAM-Chips)
  • MOS7360 (TED-Chip)
  • Electronics experiment kits from PHILIPS der Serie EE2xxx

I’m also looking for original packaging for Sinclair ZX-Spectrum, ZX-Spectrum Plus, Commodore 64 bread box, Commodore 64-II, Amiga 600, Amiga 1200