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Projects i ‘m working/worked on

Our new medIt-Campus Information System

Since several months three of my colleagues (Johannes L. , and Dominik R. ) and me have put together our new Campus Information System. We use a customized version of Xibo linked together with our internal process management system aCTIons to get various information about room assignments and upcoming events for students on our information screens. In addition we also have some campus news channels, special event information pages etc.

The whole System can be configured trough a central server web interface. Every Infoscreen can be independently configured which and when some information should be shown.

Moodle Drag Drop features does not work in IE9 fix

We recently encountered some IE9 incompatibility issues with our latest Moodle 2.1+ installation. It turns out that the used version of the graphical back-end Yui seems do have some problems with IE9 ,…. or the other way round :-).

There are couple of bug request in the moodle bug tracking system, but for 2.1+ there is unfortunately no commit in master which fixes this issue.

So if you do not want to wait for an official release take a look at -> link. Follow the walkthrough how to update Yui an this should fix the IE9 problems.

have fun

Let’s say hello to our new team member,… Fred

The past days we did some recruiting for our new image processing project…. In the end only one survived Markus selection procedures of hell.

So let’s say hello to Fred.

Fred responsibilities will be:

  • check that we meet our 33fps goal
  • exactly maintaining up to 6 coffee breaks per day
  • check the results of our gain/gamma correction algorithm
  • check the circle ROI (photo) for disharmonies
  • and last but not least motivate our lead programmer Markus

iPhone Apps III or ….hurray its a …. StudentsLife app


Let me introduce you our first iPhone app. called StudentsLife (v1.0.0) 🙂

StudentsLife is the must have iPhone Gadged for all Students of the FH-Kärnten.  … just try it out.

Our first release can be tested at the fair BeSt in Klagenfurt.

Get it at the App-Store

…. to cut to the chase …..

The Feature set :

  • your personal timetable
  • detailed course overview
  • news ticker
  • university contact list
  • course overview
  • location based service
    • amenities
    • current party locations
    • study locations
    • locations every student should know of 🙂
  • personal list of grades

But take a look for yourself….


And … Daniel big thx for your hard work!!!! 🙂

By the way, we are also working on an Android version…. so stay tuned…

Cool new gadget II …

Yeah “The Postman Always Rings Twice” 🙂 particularly ours……..,

I have just received my new gadget. Yes, its a Kinect Cam.

First tests look very impressive and promising. We will use the cam for our AAL project Healt@Home., and for our stundent projects too 🙂

For the first tests I have used the NUI Kinect Driver SDK.

Next steps will be to get the depth data into OpenCV, aForge, ImaqVision,…..

Stay tuned for more…..