Switching iPhone4 from custom iOS 4.3.1 to custom iOS 5.0.1

It’s been a while I updated my developer iPhone4 to custom  iOS 4.3.1.  According to statistics more than 75 % of all registered mobile iOS Devices are on iOS >= 5.0. So I decided to switch over to 5.0.1.

It would be remiss not to tell you that 5.0.1 is currently also supported as Untethered jailbreak, which I need for some comprehensive study 🙂

But here’s where the problem starts.

It’s been a while since Apple released version 5.0.1 and at time of writing the sign window is just closed. So if you build your custom ROM with your favorite RomOMagic Tool, put your device in DFU,.. fireup iTunes and start the recovery procedure,… you will end with a shine This device isn’t eligible for the requested build…… umpf WTF.

etc/hosts are ok, but iTunes cannot “sign” your ROM.

So what can you do?

First, as a brave jailbreaker you have your umbrella always with you and also a bunch of valid SHSH Blobs and the corresponding APTickets. We are interested in BLOBS for 5.0.1 🙂

Second, we need RedSnow. With this tool you can stitch (sign) an IPSW with your SHSH blobs.

Be sure to stitch only a custom ROM without the BaseBand!

voilà, no annoying isn’t eligible message,….after flashing your device should boot with a shiny new custom  5.0.1

be nice

have fun