WIN7_64 driver for Freescale ZStar3 ACC Sensor

A few years ago we bought some Freescale ZStar3 ACC sensor development packages for our student projects.

The development packages came with one sensor USB-dongle pair and a .net library to get the sensor data up to the PC.

We did quite a lot of projects with our students, until the day our IT-Devision decided to switch over to WIN7_64  🙂 ….. Kabuuududduullll,….

Unfortunately  the driver package for the ZStar3 USB interface is only made for WinXP.

But,…. 🙂

After some .inf file editing magic we (Letti (alias Joe) and Me) archived to alter the original driver information files to trick Windows to load and install the ZStar….. .sys

You can download the ZStar winx64 driver (for free) from here.

have fun  🙂


6 thoughts on “WIN7_64 driver for Freescale ZStar3 ACC Sensor”

  1. Hello, I know this post is old but I am in the need of this driver. Since the download link is dead I was hoping you could upload it again or send it to me. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

    1. Hi Gonzalo,

      File is up and ready for download 🙂
      Could you give me a short feedback if it works for you.



  2. Hi –

    Thank you for the driver! I can run ZSTAR in Windows Virtual PC XP Mode, but have not been able to run it directly under Windows 7. Can you help? I just get an error that says it has stopped working.

    Thank You –

    1. Hi Steve,

      I’ve just tested the ZSTAR driver under Win7. It installs and works without problems?
      Do you have an further details, error logs, exception traces,……



  3. Hello Mario,

    I am looking for your x64 driver file – is it still available ?

    Best regards

    1. Hi Jesper,

      Sorry the link was pointing to my old download folder 🙂
      It is now fixed.
      Would be cool if you could give me a short feedback if the driver is working for you.


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