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Some impressions of our last medical electronic laboratory 2012

Some nice images from our last electronic laboratory. :-)

These photos show our medical electronic lab tutorial/lecture held by Matthias Haselberger

In these lab tutorials we teach our students the basic techniques used in medical biosignal acquisition devices such as electrocardiogram, electromyogram and biofeedback acquisition. After the tutorial the students are familiar with common amplifier circuits and also with complex instrumentation amplifier concepts.

have fun


AnatOnMe an Microsoft reseach project for improving patient-doctor communication

I just stumbled over an interesting project done by some Microsoft researchers. AnatOnMe is a projection-enabled mobile device which should help to improve patient-doctor communication in medical contexts.

For example if a patient has a bone injury in his upper thigh, the device will project the image of the bone and surrounding tissue on the the patients skin. This will give the patient an idea of how the injury actually looks,….. cool 🙂

[youtube Zg8RvXe2qTE]