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Studium Multimediatechnik

An der FH Kärnten starten  wir im Wintersemester 2018/19 den neun Studienzweig
Multimediatechnik (Studiengang Informationstechnologien).

Forschung/Projekt -> Link

Der Studienzweig Multimediatechnik beschäftigt sich mit der Erstellung, Aufbereitung und Bearbeitung  von Audio/Video Assets für professionelle Projekte für Kino, TV oder für die Werbebranche. Die Grundlagen und Konzepte von modernen Hard- und Software-Lösungen für die Aufnahme, Weiterverarbeitung und Wiedergabe von Audio-/Video- Produktionen stehen ebenso am Studienplan wie Grundlagen des Gamedevelopments bzw. die Entwicklung von Augmented und Virtual Reality Applikationen.

Der Studienzweig Multimediatechnik zeichnet sich weiters durch eine enge Kooperation mit Firmen aus dem Gamedevelopment und dem Bereich der Audio-/Video-Produktion aus. Dadurch wird den Studierenden bereits im Studium die Möglichkeit geboten, mit Professionisten zusammen an Projekten zu arbeiten.









Fix slow Typo3 6.2 backend with installed fluidcontent extension

We at CUAS switched last year our main Homepage from Typo3 4.2 -> 6.2.x. After stabilizing our content and going live we noticed a 3-5 second delay on every action taken on the Backend. I’ve enabled caching stuff, switched the caching to memcached and did all things to accelerate Typo3. But the 3-5 second delay keeps.

Yeasterday I decided that a last effort should be made to determine the problem that leads to the delay. I set up PHP profiling on our live system an recorded some backend actions.

According to the profile logs our delay problem happens in the “fluidcontent” extension (4.3.3) which builds up some wizard tab content. In this prozess fluidcontent also checks if some other extensions which are providing templates have some icons setup.

The problem occurs in “/fluidcontent/Classes/Service/ConfigurationService.php”. There is a function “buildWizardTabItem” which is called thousend times generating Icons.

My workaround to this behaviour is to disable “getIconForTemplate” and “createIcon” method call.

Just add a “_” to the method test part.

if (TRUE === method_exists(‘FluidTYPO3\\Flux\\Utility\\MiscellaneousUtility’, ‘getIconForTemplate_’)) {
if (TRUE === method_exists(‘FluidTYPO3\\Flux\\Utility\\MiscellaneousUtility’, ‘createIcon_’)) {

This fixes our delay to < 1s 🙂 , the drawback is that you end with standard icons in the corresponding fluid modules.

have a nice day 🙂



Some impressions of our last medical project seminar laboratory 2012

Another year/semester has passed and we took (again) some nice images from our last lab tutorial. 🙂

This photos show our medical project seminar lab tutorial/lecture held by Matthias Haselberger

The aim of the laboratory is to get familiar with the commonly used micro-controller devices used to measure and process biofeedback signals.

have fun 🙂


Fixing XCode 4.x slow responsiveness / performance

The last months I noticed a very annoying behavior of Xcode 4.2 which results in responding very slowly to user interactions, e.g. editing code, debugging refactoring … mostly all IDE day to day work were affected.

It turns out that the problem is related to the project “workspace ” file. If  you delete em, .. yes you can :-), you get back a more or less speedy XCode.

The Credits for this valuable hint goes to link

have fun