POV Mobii Tegra Tablet and how to pimp it

A few days ago I got a shiny new Point of View Mobii Tegra 2 drive tablet.

The POV Mobii is equipped with :

  • Dual core Cortex A9 – 1 GHz
  • NVIDIA Tegra 250
  • Memory 512 MB DDR2 + 512 MB NAND
  • LCD display 10.1″ 1024×600 Capacitive touch screen
  • Operating system Android 2.2
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g
  • Graphics output HDMI
  • Audio ports Headphone out
  • Speakers 2x 1 W
  • Webcam 1.3M Pixel
  • USB Ports 1x USB 2.0 host

– So far so good.

But…, there is no android market installed, … for now 🙂 and the USB host mode is set to master.

So what can you do…..

After googling around and with the help of some hardware debugging I found out that the used hardware seems to more or less the reference design for the Tegra hardware which is also used in some other products.

One of this is Products is the Vega ADVENT Tablet. The OS used with this tablet supports USB host slave mode .

The first thing you have to do is to download the image for the Vega and flash you Mobii. (I’m using versoin 1.08).

After bootup you will have a MobiiVega-hybrid :-). You will also notice that the Vega OS is a bit faster then the POV version.

The next step is to upload a special ROM addon called the MoDaCo ROM addon. You can download it from here. If you have problems installing the addon on your 1.08 image you can also download the 1.06.05

Upload the addon is a bit more tricky. In the downloaded addon archive you will find an android debugging  bridge driver ADB . This driver must be installed for your MobiiVega-hybrid.

I used WIN7 for that process and encountered some problems where the tablet with activated USB debugging was not recognized by the OS.

If you also run into this problem you can fix it like doing the following:

Got to your device manager and open the USB-Controller section. There you will find a USB-Composite Device. Remove this device with its drivers and trigger a search for new hardware. Now you will get a new device ADB device for which you can install the ADB drivers.

After extracting the downloaded archive execute the install scripts and … here you go with android market, and a lot of other goodies 🙂

If you interested in some more details you may also have a look here. There are also some modified kernels around read here.

Ahhh and yes…. It goes without saying that any modification you do on your tablet and which eventually may fail are not in my responsibility :-).

have fun

SVN Couldn’t perform atomic initialization fix

After upgrading from debian squeeze I run into the problem that every commit was failing with “Couldn’t perform atomic initialization“.

See Debian bug report

My apache logs are showing :

[error] [client ] Couldn’t perform atomic initialization [500, #200029]

[error] [client ] Couldn’t perform atomic initialization [500, #200029]

[error] [client ] SQLite compiled for 3.7.4, but running with 3.7.3 [500, #200030]

So it looks like that libapache2-svn is build against libsqlite3 3.7.4 which is currently in Sid. In Squezze we have libsqlite3 3.7.3

A quick fix would be to take the libsqlite3 package from Sid for now.

have fun