Kinect used for interactive public space advertising

Quite a while ago I wrote about a young aspiring company named Rarebyte. The guys at Rarebyte have a bunch of very innovative ideas  ,… one of them is a new operational area for the Microsoft Kinect platform.

Their idea is to use the Kinect platform with associated middle-ware to create a new way for interactive public space advertising.

The System is installed at the subway station  Stephansplatz in Vienna as part of the (re)branding marketing campaign of A1.

Visitors of the subway station at the Stephansplatz can see themselves with speech and thought bubbles above their heads that contain entertaining and product specific slogans as well as different A1 logos.

But see for yourself 🙂

[youtube GItvRqmuUME]

[youtube fiS_z7sD5sg]

articel at Der Standart -> link

2 thoughts on “Kinect used for interactive public space advertising”

    1. Hi paranoio,

      The guys at Rarebyte used 2 Kinects for the basic setup of the system. The software for the scene composing (multiple Kinects) + augmented reality layer was done by theme. If you are interested in the product or looking for a cooperation they would be glade if you contact them via


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