SCALA Final User Commission Metting

The last days my co-worker Marvin and myself went to Antwerp  to meet our Belgium project partners for the final user commission meeting. This meeting marks the end of the EraSME SCALA project.

CUAS SCALA MedIT Dream Team:

  • Matthias Haselberger, Project Leading 🙂
  • Marvin D. Hoffland, International Coordination
  • Mario Wehr, Hard&Software implementation

The SCALA (System Convergence in Applications of Location Awareness)  project was started 2 years ago and ended this month. Our part in the project was to bring a ZigBee based indoor location system into service and implement it into the SCALA  framework. The core framework was designed and implemented by our Belgium colleagues at the university college of Antwerp (Artesis). A major part of the work was done by one of the key researches  Jerry Bracke. (Jerry thx for your hard work 🙂 ).

The user commission meeting was hold at the harbor of Antwerp and  involves several presentations of the participating universities and companies, also a live demonstration of the SCALA middleware layer was shown.

To get some impressions of the meeting check out the attached image album.

If you are interested into the SCALA project, or want to do some projects in context of Location awareness with ourselves or one of our partners please do not hesitate to contact me.

And the best,……The SCALA middleware layer is open source! 🙂

have fun

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