Apache module_webdav 0600 file mask problem (Ubuntu Lucid)

I’m using WebDAV as our central access point for the users web homes. The running apache is an MPM-ITK. This Version of the apche server uses a special Multi-Processing Module which allows to run each vhost under a separate uid and gid…, cool :-). So you can have quotas and all the other user related stuff in your vhosts.

I forgot the OS is a Ubuntu Lucid LTS, just for info.

A few days ago colleagues told me that the have problems to read/execute files via normal HTTP access which they have uploaded before. A quick look via SSH turned out that the newly created files had all 0600 rights. Because of that the access user/group schema is XYuser/www-data the web server couldn’t access the files anymore.

Hmm, shit, this shouldn’t happen here. So as a brave Linux user, i added umask 022 to the apache environment variable. But,.. what the hell, the files are always created with 0600. ….Oook this will not be a 5min job.

After an hour digging around with google it turns out that this is bug (link) in the recent WebSVN module used by the Lucid distro.

To fix this i downloaded from Debian testing the apache2.2-bin deflated it and copied the corresponding DAV modules to my server. … FIXED 🙂

Remember that taking packages from Debian or another Ubuntu distro is only a temporary solution! 🙂

Have fun

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