AVR Linux Toolchain gcc 4.4.4

Over the weekend I had time to build a new AVR toolchain with the latest 4.4.x gcc.

Linux AVR Toolchain:

  • C,C++ support added (22.08.2010)
  • gcc 4.4.4 (xmega support)
    • gmp 5.0.1
    • mpfr 3.0.0
      • latest cumulative patchset see
  • binutils 2.20.1
    • avr patchset: size, new devices, xmega and new sections
  • AVR Libc 1.7.0
  • gdb 7.1

Toolchain download size 93M.

Have fun!

Please give me some feedback if you use this chain. 🙂


12 thoughts on “AVR Linux Toolchain gcc 4.4.4”

  1. Hi how i use this? i the beginning i thought that this is built for windows and i was so happy that i could try it with avrstudio but then when i tried to run avr-gcc.exe it doesnt work and it says that a .dll is missing, i found it and rerun it but with no success. How can i use this with linux what do i have to do? just decompression and fix of the environment variables? What about gcc 4.5? is it the newest gcc for avr? if yes why then you buit the 4.4.4 with the latest libc & gdb and not with the 4.5?

    Sorry for my bad English knowledge.
    Nikos for Hellas

    1. Hi, Nikos

      Unfortunately, my toolchains are for linux only. 🙂 But I can build one for Windows too. If you want to use the chains under linux just download the tars and extract it under “/opt” for example. I’m using eclipse with the CDT Plugin and the AVR plugin.

      The reason why i build a version with the latest 4.4.4 and 4.5 is that the 4.5 line produces slightly large code then the 4.4.x. Besides the 4.4.4 chain supports more AVR devices until now. (I’ve not had the time to adopt the AVR patches to gcc 4.5)

      Hope i could help you



      1. Mario check this post

        He say that gcc 4.5 produces fewer code but maybe its because he uses c++ and not c.

        It’s ok about linux i use too even if i don’t know so much just the basics.I tried once with eclipse, its nice development environment but the cons for avr 8bit arch is that is not user friendly for the initial configuration about the especially with gdb and tcp listening ports etc…

        What about debugging? can i have avr simulator in eclipse? How many devices avr plugin support for programming and debugging? xmega? because i have xplain and my custom pcb with 192a3.

        The good think in windows is that i can have the visual quite good but slow simulation & debugging witn avr studio & win avr.

        I know that Linux distros are very good OSes and FREE but when you want things to work here right now and your time it costs a lot of money then…

        What about Gcc 4.4.4 and xmega support did the fixed the 24bit pointer so it can now work with the xplain 8mbytes sdram?

        it could be nice from you if you could make a toolchain to <> winavr to test my programs here right now!

        Greetings from Crete

        1. it could be nice from you if you could make a toolchain to update? winavr to test my programs here right now!

          1. Hi Nikos,

            I have tested gcc 4.5 on one of my C based projects. And i got a about 1% larger hex :-). But I haven’t had the time to investigate more in that issue. Maybe it’s just a matter of CFLAGS 🙂
            SimulAVR and SimAVR should work fine under GNU/Linux.
            The eclipse avr-plugin should support any MCU your gcc supports because of -mmcu=atmegarXY flag :-).

            If’ve time i will checkout how to build a gcc chain for windows.

            Greetings from carinthia.


  2. Hi Mario,
    First, thanks for the compile and making it available. However, after downloading and installing I discovered it wasn’t compiled with C++ support! Ouch!


    1. Hi Gian

      He, no problem, i could build one with C++ support. Unfortunately, currently I’m on vacation 🙂 until 08-August.
      If you like, check back I will post it if it’s available.



  3. Hello Mario,
    Enjoy your holiday and don’t worry too much about avr-gcc 🙂 I’ve since compiled 4.4.4 with c,c++ and xmega support (as much of the xmega support as i could figure out..i think i got all/most of the patches). gcc 4.5.0 is impossible with xmega…too many drastic code changes!
    kind regards,

  4. Hi Mario,

    would you be so kind and post me the toolchain source codes including all necessary patches? So I can build it myself. Or do you have any 64bit build?


  5. Just to ask the question.

    At avrfreaks.net one can download the toolchain, but with 4.3.4 version of gcc (build-avr-gcc-4.3.4-binutils-2.20-libc-1.6.8-insight6.8-1-dude-5.10-insight-patch.zip)

    Are there any reason for why they stick to ‘old’ 4.3.4 while you go for 4.4.4?

    1. Hi vidar,

      The reason why the guys at avrfreaks.net stick to 4.3.x might be that for this version there exists a complete patch set for all the Atmega stuff. For the 4.4.x branch you have to adopt the available patches and skip some Atmega architectures.
      I built the 4.4.x buildchain just for interest to see if it could be done . And to show our students how to build such a Beast 🙂

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