There is always another one who did the job

A few months ago me and my colleagues wrote a project proposal for an internal project call/funding. Our goal was to evaluate the possibility of using small drones, in our case we want to use Quadrocopters, for catastrophe management. Our drones should be used as communication relays, disaster reconnaissance, air gas analysis…

Since a few of us are active members in certain Quadrocopter OpenSource community projects, we have also a basic knowledge about this type of drones.

But sadly we didn’t got the fundings 🙁  just a matter of politics,…….

But as I wrote in my caption There is always another one who did the job in our case the guys from the TU Ilmenau.

[youtube whogQY0h8Sc]

If you would like to read the whole article refer to link. (German only)

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