To get your newly build Apps down to your device you have to use the ADB (Android Debug Bridge). The common way to  make your device ready for playing is to download the USB driver package which is included in the SDK Manager.

But these drivers are only for a couple of common mobile devices, so what if you have an ARCHOS 8 like me…. you still getting stuck with a nice…. device not found ….

The first part is easy, Archos in my case, offers his own usb drivers .

After downloading the USB driver I got a shiny “Archos 7 ADB” item under “Android Phone” in my windows device manager. But what the hell,…. after restarting the ADB daemon,…. “ADB devices” was only showing annoying … device not found….   mannnn.

Hmm, google is your best friend :-)…… The solution is that the ADB daemon needs also your USB device vendor ID (VID)

If you cannot get it from your device vendor you may look under device manager -> device details -> hardware ID -> USB\VID_xxxx.

The VID for the adb should be placed in a file under {user home}/.android/adb_usb.ini.

Insert the VID in HEX notation {0x0e79}

If this file does not exist, just create it!

have fun