DIMM-PC®/520-IE mini motherboard

Tiny (Mother/Daughter)Board for DIMM-PC®/520-IE Part II

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In part one I wrote about the Specs. of the used DimmPC hardware. Because of that this kind of hardware needs some sort of motherboard to operate I designed, with one of our students Zvonimir C., a daughter respectively motherboard for the DimmPCs.

We wanted to used the -IE and the -USB versions with one Daughterboard. The operation purpose should involve longterm logging of various data sources with Ethernet, RS232 or USB interfaces like GPS localization data, ambience data, energy consumption data, operational data from small water power plants ….

Since the used DimmPcs are also equip with a 44-pin mini-IDE interface we have plenty of space for log data. (For example we use the Flash Modules from Transcend).

The Daughterboard should also be selectively powered with 24V or 5V.


For data transfer we use a USB Samba75 Quad Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE modem from Falcom.


We have also a special version with external i²C and SPI interface connectors.

Daughterboard Top up

Daughterboard bottom up