Tune Apache-MPM prefork with some Webminstats

A couple of days ago I started to do some optimizations on our server backends. Most of them are Apache-Prefork PHP powered.

One part of doing Apache-Tuning is to play around with the MPM configuration:

<ifmodule prefork.c>
  StartServers       4
  MinSpareServers    3
  MaxSpareServers   10
  ServerLimit      256
  MaxClients       256
  MaxRequestsPerChild  10000

The particular configuration setting for Apache can be found in the file /etc/apache/httpd.conf

I’m using Webmin->Sysstats to get some basic data where I can start from.

First I wanted to know the average and total memory usage of the apache worker process(es).


Apache memory consumption (total, per worker)

As you can see after a few days you get a clew about how our worker memory consumption behaves.

Especially the per worker chart is import which gives you a hint for the MaxClients and ServerLimit settings.

The used bash script :

   ps -ylC apache2 | awk '{x += $8;y += 1} END {print x/((y-1)*1024)}';;
   sys_mem=`free -m | awk 'NR==2{print $2 }'`
   apache_total_mem=`ps -ylC apache2 | awk '{x += $8;y += 1} END {print x/1024;}'`
   echo "scale=2;$apache_total_mem/($sys_mem/100)" | bc;;

Another important part is the relation of idle and busy workers.

Apache amount and relation of busy/idle workers

Apache amount and relation of busy/idle workers

Here we see that in this particular case we have an average ratio 10/2 (idle/busy) and our max is about (11/7) which gives a balanced amount of idle and busy workers.

The used bash script :

  echo `wget -q -O - "$URL" --user="$USER" --password=$PASS |grep BusyWorker |cut -d" " -f2`;;
  echo `wget -q -O - "$URL" --user="$USER" --password=$PASS |grep IdleWorker |cut -d" " -f2`;;

have fun


Robotics Lab session @CUAS – Systems-Engineering

Some impressions of our last Robotics Laboratory sessions.

Robotic – Arm – Calculator:

Done by Fercher Richardo and Egarter Rene’.

Supervisor Peter Reisner.

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InMoov Project Part III

Our Ultimaker2 is runnig hot, but we are making progress :-)

Time for service

Nozzle cleaning actions on our Ultimaker² @ Medical Engineering

2014-11-21 18.34.36

InMoov Project Part II

Finished upper part of the body. :-)

InMoov Project Part I

I just finished the first forarm prototype. My forarm consist of the original inmoov parts and the Remix project from Anar.

Printed in ABS.

2014-11-04 11.05.49



The Thing

Do you know this thing,… hint it is not a iPh√∂ne :-)2014-11-05 08.27.09

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ABS Aceton Finishing/Cooking Station

Every real 3D print needs nice finishing. :-)

So I decided to give the Aceton cooking station finishing idea a try.

See for yourself:


Ultimaker² hits FH-Kärnten РDegree Program Medical Engineering

Today we got our brand new 3D-Printer (Ultimaker²) on our department. :-)
The first printing tests look very promising. Our first projekt will be the inmoov project link

Samsung Galaxy Gear arrives @medIT FH-Kärnten

We just got our brand new Samsung Galaxy Gears. So far they look very impressive.

Lets see what we can do with them in our Mobile Device Development based courses.

Maybe we port our studentsLife App,… who knows…… :-)


have fun,


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eLearning with Moodle and Adobe Connect @MedIT

Today we finished our first milestone in our MedIT Moodle Adobe Connect integration project.

The first milestone includes:

  • Creating ADC meetings as activities within a Moodle course.
  • Auto enroll course members
  • Single Sign-on¬†for lecturers/students with their corresponding rights.
  • Automatically generated reminders for pending ADC course activities.
  • Viewing ADC sessions is also possible with our mobile application studentsLife (iOS/Android) and the adobe-connectmobile integration.



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