InMoov Project Part I

I just finished the first forarm prototype. My forarm consist of the original inmoov parts and the Remix project from Anar.

Printed in ABS.

2014-11-04 11.05.49



The Thing

Do you know this thing,… hint it is not a iPh√∂ne :-)2014-11-05 08.27.09

ABS Aceton Finishing/Cooking Station

Every real 3D print needs nice finishing. :-)

So I decided to give the Aceton cooking station finishing idea a try.

See for yourself:


Ultimaker² hits FH-Kärnten РDegree Program Medical Engineering

Today we got our brand new 3D-Printer (Ultimaker²) on our department. :-)
The first printing tests look very promising. Our first projekt will be the inmoov project link

Ultimaker² @work

Samsung Galaxy Gear arrives @medIT FH-Kärnten

We just got our brand new Samsung Galaxy Gears. So far they look very impressive.

Lets see what we can do with them in our Mobile Device Development based courses.

Maybe we port our studentsLife App,… who knows…… :-)


have fun,


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eLearning with Moodle and Adobe Connect @MedIT

Today we finished our first milestone in our MedIT Moodle Adobe Connect integration project.

The first milestone includes:

  • Creating ADC meetings as activities within a Moodle course.
  • Auto enroll course members
  • Single Sign-on¬†for lecturers/students with their corresponding rights.
  • Automatically generated reminders for pending ADC course activities.
  • Viewing ADC sessions is also possible with our mobile application studentsLife (iOS/Android) and the adobe-connectmobile integration.



PlantUML plugin for Moodle 2.4 tinymce editor

I’ve converted the PlantUML¬†tinymce plugin to work with tinymce used in Moodle 2.4.x.

Feel free to test it -> download

have fun


Trac Autocomplete User plugin migrated to jQuery 1.8.x

Hi there,

I’ve just migrated the Autocomplete-User plugin to work with the globale jQuery version (ui.autocomplete widget) used in the latest Trac versions.

Feel free to test it -> download

have fun


Syntax highlighting plugin for Moodle 2.4

I have just finished with the syntax-highlighting plugin for Moodle 2.4. The plugin is based on the rjinsertcode plugin for tinymce  done by Ryan Juckett.

Feel free to test it -> download updated (12.03.2013)

have fun


MedIt-ePortal moves to Moodle 2.4

Over X-Mas holidays I moved our Medit-ePortal Moodle to the¬†latest and greatest 2.4. Let’s check out the new goodies :-)

have fun


Some Impressions of our last Brussels / Medica Trip 2012

Some impressions of our last trip to Brussels and the Medica fair situated in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Every year Mr. Hoffland and his current semester are visiting the Medica, one of the world’s largest medical trade fair.

have fun


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