Learning by doing – Importance of bachelor projects

“Learning by doing” is a famous education concept that says that we memorize and understand things better if we try to do them by ourselves. At MedTech, we try to follow this principle and include in the curriculum a number of lab exercises, interactive lectures and most importantly project works. Bachelor projects represent the first possibility for students to start to specialize and give them a chance to explore their interests. At MedTech, we start with Bachelor projects already at the beginning of the 4th semester, giving the students three semesters to dive into the topic of their interest or to explore a number of them.

As defining a topic alone is not easy at the beginning of studies, our team puts together a list of suggested topics, which can the students choose and adjust to their liking. This also allows the topic to be connected to our research projects and therefore ensures that the contributions of this project will have an impact in the given field. 

Just before the semester break, we presented to the bachelor students a wide range of innovative topics listed below and we are looking forward to working on them together with our students.

  • AI detection of vascular stenosis on CT angiography
  • Development of adaptive brain-computer interface with EEG 
  • Toolbox for artefact correction and evaluation in simultaneous EEG and fMRI
  • Fall risk detection using the TYMO balance platform
  • Motion analysis with Modulea modular floor system
  • Cell Segmentation with Deep Learning
  • Development of Web-application software
  • Design and production of MRI and/or ultrasound phantom
  • Development of eHealth application with gesture-controlled user interface
  • Eye-tracking heat map-based evaluation of eHealth apps and websites 

Stay tuned for more details about our projects and let us know if you would also like to have such a cool thesis topic!

MedTech @ FH Kärnten