Medical Engineering is a rapidly developing field that combines engineering, physics, mathematics, and computer science and applies it to medicine, innovating our healthcare system. The hand-in-hand work of academia and medical companies leads to the development of new diagnostic tools, improvement of monitoring techniques, and design of new therapeutic devices. Analytics represents another crucial part of modern medicine, aiming to find patterns in the “big data” with the view of automatization of data processing and diagnosis assessment.

Our degree programs – a bachelor’s program in Medical Engineering and a master’s program in Medical Engineering and Analytics – aim to train the next generation of specialists. They provide the basic knowledge required in this multidisciplinary field, including the basics of electrical engineering, physics, medicine, signal processing and programming, but keep the main focus on the current “hot topics”, such as Artificial Intelligence and Assistive Technologies.

Hands-on training represents another major part of the curriculum, including several practical exercises in specialized laboratories and projects related to our research. The “Study & Work” program offers our students the opportunity to work part-time at one of Carinthia’s leading companies and thus gain professional experience already during their studies. Both programs offer the option to study work-friendly and the master’s program also to study HyFlex (on-site/online and even asynchronously). We ensure the highest educational standard, small groups and personal support, all of that at low tuition fees. 

Equipped with the theoretical and practical knowledge of various fields, our graduates have a broad spectrum of excellent career opportunities with the most common areas being:
  • research and development for medical device companies,
  • research at universities,
  • application of image processing and artificial intelligence,
  • technical support at hospitals,
  • software development.

For more information, please watch the videos below and check out the FH website.

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Medical Engineering (bachelor)