Medical Technology is a rapidly developing sector, in which academia and companies often work hand-in-hand to improve the life expectancy and the health of our society. And as is the medical technology sector developing, so are our degree programs – a bachelor’s program in Medical Engineering and a master’s program in Health Care ITOur goal is to teach the students the basic knowledge required in this multidisciplinary field, including the basics of electrical engineering, physics, medicine, signal processing and programming, but also to keep the main focus on the current “hot topics”, such as AI and Active Assistive Living (AAL).

Besides the theoretical input, our top priority is to provide students with hands-on training – by having several practical exercises in specialized laboratories and working on projects related to our research. In case of interest, students can also take part in the Study&Work program, in which we assist them to get an internship or part-time job at one of our partner companies. Equipped with the theoretical and practical knowledge of various fields, our absolvents and often even students, are more than sought-after by the job market.

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Medical Engineering (bachelor)