Inside the Studies: DataCamp Learning Platform

In this post, we would like to introduce you to one of our eLearning tools that can help you learn certain in-demand skills. In the lectures dealing with data analytics and deep learning in particular within our two-year master’s program Medical Engineering and Analytics, one of the main challenges is to provide the same experience to all our students, given their different programming skills. Therefore, we use DataCamp, an intuitive learning platform for data science and analytics, to teach our students the basics of programming, especially with Python. We have access to more than 350 courses by expert instructors on topics such as importing data, data visualization, and machine learning in R, Python, SQL and more. 

In Verena Venek’s lectures dealing with data analytics and deep learning, we particularly use the provided Python courses, practices and guided projects. This helps to address the various programming skills and supports learning how to handle data, and design and implement models including neural networks.

DataCamp’s learn-by-doing methodology combines short expert videos and hands-on-the-keyboard exercises to help learners retain knowledge. They’re constantly expanding their curriculum to keep up with the latest technology trends and to provide the best learning experience for all skill levels.

You would like to get a sneak peek of what DataCamp courses look like? DataCamp offers free courses for anyone to do just that. Some of our recommendations are:
• Understanding Machine Learning
• Introduction to Python

For more information, get in touch with Verena Venek or check the DataCamp website

MedTech @ FH Kärnten Team