Students’ HyFlex Experience

This academic year, we started with a cutting-edge HyFlex master’s program in Medical Engineering & Analytics (MEA) in which the students on a weekly basis decide if they join the lecture on-site, online, or if they choose to take the given lecture asynchronously – from anywhere in the world, whenever it fits them. At the beginning of the semester, we were happy to see a high demand for this master’s program. Now we are even more happy to see the students’ satisfaction with such studies.

What are the students’ impressions of HyFlex studies after the first semester?

“I’m pleased to share my experience with studying HyFlex from Egypt at CAUS. It has been incredibly beneficial for me, especially considering my full-time job as a dentist. Balancing work and studies becomes more manageable with the flexibility offered by the HyFlex model. Working some days in the morning and others in the afternoon, I can seamlessly adjust my study schedule to fit around my professional commitments. The ability to attend classes either in person or online ensures that I never miss out on important lectures or discussions, despite the geographical distance. Additionally, the option of attending asynchronously in some courses offers more flexibility and ensures that I can catch up with what I miss.
Regarding why I chose CAUS for my studies, I was drawn to the university’s reputation for excellence in the field of medical engineering and the HyFlex approach appealed to me because it provided the flexibility, I needed to pursue higher education without disrupting my established professional life. Studying from such a distance has its challenges, but the CAUS’s innovative approach to education has made the experience rewarding and enriching.”

Mr. Ahmad Abdelmoaty 


“As the program Medical Engineering & Analytics is work-friendly, lectures are generally scheduled in the afternoon and evening. Given that my commute is at least 40 minutes and I work alongside my studies, I usually prefer attending lectures online – especially because there is no disadvantage in attending a lecture online compared to attending in person.
If neither on-site nor online attendance is possible for me, I still have the option of participating asynchronously. In asynchronous lectures, pre-recorded videos are provided, usually accompanied by an additional assignment to demonstrate that I have understood the course material. If there are any questions, it is possible to contact the lecturer directly to get an answer.
This flexibility significantly reduces the stress in my everyday life and greatly contributes to my work-study-life balance. However, during less stressful periods I also enjoy to attend the lectures on-site.”

Ms. Naomi Müller


“I find the Hyflex learning very useful, especially for me as an international student in Austria. I like to attend the
lectures, which helps me to meet and connect with other students, and fully experience university life whenever I can.
At the same time, it is very convenient to have the choice to study online. For me it comes handy when I want to travel or visit my family outside of Carinthia. This way, I can keep up with the classes no matter where I am.
This flexibility is also great if you want to search for a job during your master’s studies, allowing you to work from different places and explore job opportunities beyond the local area.”

Ms. Letícia Silva Cotinguiba