Please note: some projects pages are about to be set up and not yet public. So please check again soon. Thanks!

Pimp up the PmodVGA

This little project is a useful extension of the Digilent PmodVGA adapter for audio out, of course in stereo.

Very useful for good old hardware requiring analog RGB output plus sound.

Custom chips revised

I will update my custom chip projects and even plan for a new replacement board, as the old Spartan-2 based one is a bit outdated meanwhile.

This should ensure that arcade PCB boards can be kept functional for a long time to come!

Williams game plaform replica on FPGA

A popular arcade game platform implemented on a modern FPGA.

Also a collection of different IP components for a Motorola MC68xx computing platform. The aim is a 100% correct replication of the original board sets.

Wireless connection for Commodore Computers

An improvement of the “Wifi Sixtyfour” modem firmware in a reliable and compact hardware setup.

Compared to other projects, it implements proper level shifters and uses a more compact WIFI module. This open-source firmware stays Wifi64 compatible, but adds features for online gaming and will at least work for VIC-20 and C64 (and probably other CBM machines as well).

Atari Joystick Adapter for BBC-B Microcomputers

A converter for the analogue joystick port to use classic, switch-based Atari joysticks with 9pin connectors.

Compared to other projects, this design also allows active joysticks (e.g. with auto-fire) requiring a 5V supply.

DIY Joystick using Arcade spare parts

… coming soon

Using electronics of today with hardware from the past.