Starting with ZYNQ boards

As I need to test my FPGA implementations, I had a look which could be the best platform (in terms of price/value) to use. I decided to go for the ZYNQ boards, explicitely the PYNQ-Z1 and CORA-Z7 boards.

Reason for that is, that there boards have a nice Ubuntu based OS to boot and a Python based framework to deal with the FPGA management. This simplifies this process, so I can focus on the hardware implementation itself.

These boards do not have any analogue video output anymore, so I also started with some HDMI implementation. I also got an Agilent HDMI tester for that purposes.

But in parallel, I also got some VGA interface PMODs, which I extended with audio output as well.

Restart of Williams project

I restarted my Williams Arcade Platform project I begun quite some time ago on Spartan 3 FPGAs. These devices are no longer supported by the actual tools, so I started over again using newer hardware. Meanwhile it is working for several games on a BASYS 3 board (Artix 7).

Now I need to document it properly for a final release here – and hopefully before the hardware is not considered outdated again 😀

Check out my project pages.

Hello out there!

Pacman on a FPGA board with VGA out

Welcome to my FPGA4RETRO site.

Soon you will find here a lot of information about FPGA platforms and projects – mainly 8bit computers and dazzling arcade games from the 70s and 80s – you can run on them. I just need a bit to set up the site properly. Meanwhile, you can read a bit more about me here.

Thanks for your patience!

Using electronics of today with hardware from the past.