Presenting my bachelor project at the International Student Congress

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MedTech @ FH Kärnten Team

In June 2022 I had the pleasure to present my bachelor project at the International Student Congress (ISC) at the Medical University of Graz. The International Student Congress Graz is a non-profit organisation made up of motivated students with the mission to promote national and international cooperation to encourage medical and scientific progress. Upon arrival, one is greeted with incredibly talented and motivated staff, who were students themselves at the University.

The ISC was arranged for 3 days, where people from all around the world had the opportunity to talk about their new scientific research, either in form of an on-site poster or an oral presentation, there were also some online presentations for people who couldn’t make it on-site. The presentations at the ISC covered a large variety of topics mostly on a high-level (PhD works and focused research) ranging from recent covid-related discoveries to neuroscientific and biobehavioural progress. Since my topic was related to neuroscience, it was assigned to the neurology and psychiatry – oral session, which took place on the last day of the event. With my presentation, I tried to introduce my project from a more general point of view without going into too many details about the many processes included. This, combined with the short presentation time meant that I had to compress the information and skip many parts. Despite the worries, I was delighted to know that my presentation was very well received by the audience, hence the many questions I received after my talk.

The event was truly a one-of-a-kind experience. I got involved in many engaging on-site activities, got a glimpse of some of the very recent research in the medical field, and most importantly I had the pleasure of meeting many talented and enthusiastic people, who encouraged me to stay motivated and continue to work hard for my goals. Following how well the topic was received among many people and the huge interest from my side, I will happily continue working on this project during my upcoming master’s years. I would like to thank the FH Kärnten and especially the IARA team for their support and for allowing me to attend this wonderful event.