TECH Camp 2023

Last week, 26 pupils between the age of 11 and 15 years took part in the TECH Camp 2023 organized by the Engineering & IT faculty of the CUAS. This was a week-long camp in which young pupils worked on a cool technical project and got a taste of topics from various fields. Four different projects were offered: i) Drone, ii) Robotic Car, iii) Heart and iv) Multimedia. 
In the Team Heart, we were constructing an enlightened model of a human heart. At the end of the workshop, each pupil got to take his heart model with him home.

The first day was focused on learning about how the heart works. After a short theory introduction, the pupils listened to the sounds of their own beating hearts using a stethoscope, looked at a human heart thought augmented reality, and measured the heart electrical activity with an electrocardiogram (EKG). The second day was focused on 3D printing. The pupils 3D-designed the housing for the heart electronics and looked at how 3D printing works. On Wednesday and Thursday, the students installed a LED stripe into the 3D printed heart models, soldered it to the Raspberry Pi microcontroller and a switch button, and programmed the microcontroller so that the LED diodes would be firing up with a frequency, pattern and colour of their liking. On the last day, all 4 teams met up together at the closing event of TECH Camp 2023, to show to the other groups and to their relatives what they’ve done.

We are very proud to conclude that this year’s edition of the CUAS TECH Camp was a complete success. We were pleased to see that about one-fourth of the participants were girls and that all the pupils were more than 100 percent into the project and gained lots of enthusiasm and excitement for technics. Already looking forward to next year’s summer holidays for another edition.

MedTech @ FH Kärnten Team