Coffee Call on the practical incorporation of “green issues” in the occupational therapy curriculum.

In a twenty-minute online call, Markus Kraxner presented on 13.06.2023 the curricular anchoring and practical design of “green” topics (nature-based interventions, garden therapy, biophilia/planetary health) in the current curriculum of the study program Occupational Therapy at the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences against the background of a didactic framework.

(c) Markus Kraxner

From the barrier-free raised bed to the experimental field project with the association “Arche Noah” (Arche@FH) the presentation spans, in addition to the “show values” also didactic key points of the respective settings are explained.

Presentation slides (German): Practical examples of integrating sustainability and creating awareness for Planetary Health at STG Occupational Therapy.

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