Climate protection and climate adaptation at LKH Villach

On March 15, the 2nd semester (vz) students experienced a very different kind of teaching event as part of the Project Management course in BA Health Management. Together with the lecturer, Andrea Stitzel, the students went to the Villach Regional Hospital to get an overview of LKH Villach’s efforts in climate protection and climate adaptation measures. As a founding member of the Austrian Association of Green Hospitals (, LKH Villach plays a pioneering role in the sustainable orientation of healthcare facilities. Horst Freunschlag, Head of Operations, and Alexander Thomasser, Head of Administration & Services, gave the students an exciting insight into the topic. A guided tour was also on the agenda, during which the students were given a comprehensive insight into everything from the emergency power generator in the basement to the helicopter landing pad. The day was rounded off with a job clarification meeting with Mr. Freunschlag and Mr. Thomasser, which was conducted by the students: the students will namely develop a project proposal for a fictitious project tender and present it in May.

This appointment represents a first attempt at closer cooperation in teaching with the LKH Villach on the topic of climate change. In the long term, the plan is to establish a “real laboratory climate crisis in health care”, which will enable regular project-based cooperation.

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