Climate-related health risks are escalating, as our expanding European population of older people are at high risk from recent unprecedented climate change and extreme weather events.
The chAnGE Alliance of HEI, VET and Health & Social Care organisations [HSCOs] in Ireland, Portugal, Finland, Austria & Greece aims to:

  1. Co-create a suite of online microcredentials (MC), for HSC workers who plan/deliver care to older people, to give them knowledge, confidence & skills to plan/incorporate climate adaptation and resilience in their work
  2. Empower HSC professionals as local climate adaptation leaders, champions and peer-trainers, to multiply impact
  3. Foster relationships & knowledge co-creation between VET-HEI-HSCO through project activities, and targeted knowledge-exchange (KE) events
  4. Facilitate HEI & VET to modernise their learning offerings and support learners’ transition to HEI
  5. Agree an EU-aligned framework for MC credit recognition/accumulation, for exploitation (for any topic or learner group), by HEI/VET across Europe.

Project activities occur via four Work Packages (WPs) over 3 years:

  • WP1: Project coordination/monitoring
  • WP2: Preparation: Iterative content co-creation, digitalisation, piloting; MC credit certification
  • WP3: Implementation (learning delivery), monitoring, evaluation
  • WP4: Dissemination & exploitation

Results & Outputs:
The innovative education, delivered to 500-1000 HSC workers/professionals, and widely multiplied in HSCOs, will be novel (based on extensive needs/gap analyses), interactive, accessible, bite-sized, stackable, and co-created with target learners/older people, at EQF level 4-6. The curriculum & learning content (for the 15 linked MCs) and learning-amplification resources will be freely available for others to adapt/use, along with 3+ academic papers, and 3 reports, on MC credit recognition, sustainability, and the evaluation (learner’s feedback & support needs; usage & usability; learning effectiveness/impact).

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