The PROMOS Project

PROMOS, an ambitious collaborative Interreg project between the CUAS and its partners, endeavours to bridge the gap between scientific research and its practical application, particularly in the biomedical industry and in clinical settings. It seeks to foster a culture of technology transfer, ensuring that scientific breakthroughs can find meaningful applications in society.

The IARA research group of the CUAS is driving forward two critical aspects of the PROMOS project:

  • Development of advanced deep learning software aimed at the analysis and classification of electrical signals from heart cells, offering new insights into cardiac health and disease.
  • Fostering entrepreneurial mindset among researchers and students, by introducing a micro-credential program, establishing a network for biomedical innovation, and organizing innovation camps. These initiatives aim to transform the way researchers view the potential of their work, allowing them to transform it into marketable and clinically relevant solutions.

The success of PROMOS is based on the collaboration between CUAS and esteemed partners, including ICGEB, EURAC Research, the Medical University Innsbruck, and NOI SpA. Together, these institutions are laying the groundwork for a future where academic discoveries are seamlessly integrated into practical applications, benefiting society at large.

MedTech @ FH Kärnten Team