CUAS story of MedTech graduate, Philipp Bürger

In this post, we interviewed one of our alumni, Philipp Bürger, and asked him about his studies at the CUAS and his following career. Philipp has studied a bachelor’s program in Medizinische Informationstechnologie and a master’s program in Health Care IT, graduated in 2014 and currently works at Canon Medical Systems.

Can you share a bit of your CUAS story?
It was an adventure and also a challenge, to learn a technical subject in just a few years. But it was possible and the outcome was great. Till today, the graduates of the CUAS have a lot of opportunities in the field. For example, I started working already during my master’s thesis. 

What made it special for you?
I never thought that I can study a technical subject. However, the location of Klagenfurt was a really big point for my decision. You are in one of the most beautiful areas in Austria and will get a high-quality education.  

How did it shape your path after graduation?
Because of the small group size in our field of study, each student was given a special focus. I think that was unique. Our professors we able to build a good bridge between theory and practice. So after graduation, we were exactly prepared for what we were interested in the field of biomedical engineering. 

What is your current position? Can you explain your work with Canon Medical Systems?
I am responsible for the planning, installation and maintenance of CTs, XRs and other server-based systems.  

Would you recommend studying at CUAS and if yes, why?
Yes. As I mentioned before, the location of Klagenfurt was the biggest reason for my decision. The second reason was the wide offer of technical studies at the CUAS. Third, I liked the mixture of high-school-like and university-like organization some fixed appointments and classes and a bit of free working time and self-organization. Another big advantage is the qualification and experience of the professors, many of which have worked before in the private sector.

MedTech @ FH Kärnten Team