Semi Anechoic Chamber SAC 5 m

This is it: The full compliant semi anechoic chamber of the EMC Test Laboratory in Villach, Austria. Installed in 2022 this highly sofisticated test device with the outer dimensions of 12,7 x 8,2 x 6,4 m supports a variety of EMC measurements for emission and for immunity tests.

Main features are: Fully compliant with EN/IEC and FCC/ANSI from 9 kHz up to 40 MHz; automatic slide door 3 x 3 Meter fork lift ready; turntable 3 m diameter able to hold 2,5 tons, automatically movable tilt antena up to 5 m.

The chamber has two highly resistant full HDMI cameras for surveillance operations durings tests and an optical fibre network (LAN, USB …)

The chamber is equipped with a variety of add-ons:

  • Full compliant test site for automotive tests and measurements
  • Water In-/outlet (eg. for tests of heating & cooling systems)
  • Air In-/Outlet (eg. for tests of combustion engines)
  • Feed through for compresed air
  • Roller dynamometer for single track / two-track vehicles
  • 64 A three-phase power supply fix installed
  • AC/DC special power supply (on request)