Tutor – Application


The file for download:



How to become a tutor


Everybody, who fulfils the requirements of a tutor, is able to be a tutor and make a suggestion for a tutorial. Which tutorials could be arranged is explained at “Tutorials for certain topics or courses” on the Information site.


The Tutor should fulfil the following requirements:

·         The tutor has to be enrolled in a degree program of the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences at the time the tutorial takes place.

·         The tutor has to be from a higher semester in contrast to the participants.

·         The tutor has to have passed the exam of the course with the grade 1 (Excellent) or at least 2 (Good).


The following steps are required, if you want to suggest a tutorial as a tutor:

1.       Download the file tutorial_suggestion” on the site Tutor-Application.

2.       You can either use the template and send it to the group of students or you can send an individual email with all the required information to them.

3.       Wait for a response of the students. They should send the list of the tutorial_application via email to you.

4.       Find the right dates for the units together with the students.

5.       You can contact the student support services and clarify general questions regarding the tutorial.