Guidelines for tutorial applications:

·         The participating students have to attend to the same course.

·         There have to be at least 8 students participating in the tutorial.

·         The tutorials have to be attended by the students, who have registered and cannot be     cancelled short-term before the tutorial. Students, who have not registered are also welcome to attend the tutorial.

·         The dates of the units need to be arranged, so the participants of the tutorial and the tutor do not have any overlaps with courses.

·         The tutorials are free for all participants.


Guidelines for tutor applications respectively tutorial suggestions:

·         The tutor has to be enrolled in a degree program of the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences at the time the tutorial takes place.

·         The tutor has to be from a higher semester in contrast to the participants.

·         The tutor has to have passed the exam of the course with the grade 1 (Excellent) or at least 2 (Good).

·         The tutor has to prepare the materials for the tutorial all by himself/herself.

·         All contents of the tutorial have to be correct.

·         There should be theory as well as exercises. However, the exercises should overweigh.