General information


You can find general information for tutorials in the following paragraphs. Further information can be found on the sites Guidelines, Tutor-Application, as well as Tutorial-Application.


Number of participants


In order to create or arrange a tutorial you have to comply with the guidelines. The minimum participation has to be fulfilled. There have to be at least 8 students for a tutorial. The students can also be from different degree programs as long as they have the same course. That means that the minimum participation can be reached by participants of different degree programs.


Tutorials for certain topics or courses


The tutorials can be made for certain topics as well as for certain courses. A tutorial for a specific topic could be for the start of the studies or a mix of topics in order to pass an exam that relies on knowledge of several courses. The tutorials for specific courses can be about any of the courses. It is recommended to arrange a tutorial for a course which is separated into Lecture and Exercise.

Suggestions or recommended courses for tutorials:

·         Mathematics for Economics and Statistics I

·         Mathematics for Economics and Statistics II

·         Accounting

·         Cost Accounting, etc.


Duration and Content of tutorials


There are no regulations regarding the duration of a tutorial. However, all relevant topics of the course have to be covered within the tutorial. A tutor should focus more on practise and exercises as well as their solutions. That does not mean, that there is no need for theory. The theory should also be a part of the tutorial, but the main focus should be on the exercises.


Place and Time of tutorials


The tutorials should take place in the rooms of the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences. In order to find a fitting room for the units of the tutorial, you can contact the student support services of your degree program and book a room. The date of the tutorial should be chosen by the participants and the tutor. It would be the best if there is the possibility of a coordination of dates for the tutorial within the group of participants. The date suggestions could be matched with the date possibilities of the tutor afterwards.