The good practice

Everyday work has changed since March 2020 - physical appointments have turned into digital voting. So that the online meetings at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences are successful, We would like to give you recommendations for action and valuable tips and tricks with our MEETiquette.

For students

The most important recommendations for taking part in online and hybrid courses are listed in a clear form.

For teachers

In addition to relevant recommendations for action for online teaching, the special features in the area of moderating online meetings are mentioned.


Coffee calls


Hybrid lecture halls


Distance learning


Online & hybrid meeting

Those who can be there a little earlier should use the time to say hello to each other – depending on the number of participants, there is also space to say how things are going.

Test the video image beforehand so that it does not appear too dark, blurry or against a difficult background.

The face should be visible in the middle
(not half swallowed at the bottom etc.)

Switch off the mobile phone and close other programs.

Not doing other things or talking to others on the side;

Besides, don’t eat

… when you don’t speak

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… in discussions and requests to speak.

Camera can be turned off when sharing a presentation.

Before you want to say something, raise your hand or write in the chat that you want to say something.

"Good communication starts at the first lecture, where the rules of conversation should be discussed. In addition to agreeing on the sequence of events and, in particular, on breaks, which are very important for attention, you can, for example, stipulate that speakers turn on the camera."

Thomas Knoch

"In traditional face-to-face meetings, we see the little hiccups immediately and can coordinate our wishes quite quickly - e.g., whether to be there earlier or to arrive a few minutes later. In the online setting, and even more so in hybrid working, it helps to consciously think about these things in advance and to actively communicate or coordinate them."

Holger Penz
Holger Penz


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