The Application Process: Everything you need to know

Are you in or are you out? The application process is the deciding factor.  Application processes vary significantly between the Austrian universities of applied sciences and are greatly influenced by the requirements of the respective study program.  Here is a short overview of the application processes at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS).

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Application Deadline

April 15, 2017 is the deadline for all applicants that do not have citizenship in the following countries: EU countries, EFTA countries, USA, South America, Canada, and the former CIS(GUS) countries.

Application documents

You will need to upload the necessary documents simply and efficiently to an on-line application portal. Transcripts and documents, which are not available at the time of the application (e.g., graduation certificates that will be available after final exams), can be submitted at a later date.

Applicants with international degrees will need to provide notarized translations (German or English) of all necessary  certificates and transcripts.  Please review this list from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy if you require an apostille or a full diplomatic notarization of documents.

Please provide all documents in PDF or JPG formats and all files together should not be larger than 8 MB.

Documents Checklist

You may apply for a maximum of two degree programs at the CUAS. Please keep in mind that your application will be processed according to your priority listing.  This means that your application will be processed first by the degree program that you selected as your first priority.

The bachelor degree programs in the School of Health Sciences and Social Work are an exception to this rule – degree program applications that are the second priority will also be invited to take the placement test.  If you are applying for two degree programs in this school, you will only need to take the placement test once.

Language proficiency

Applicants that are applying for degree programs offered in German and who are not native German speakers will need to provide at the time of the application proof of German proficiency B2 in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.  This proof can be a DaF certificate or a high school transcript of records that states the level of proficiency on the document.

Applicants for degree programs offered in English will need to provide at the time of the application proof of English proficiency B2 in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The following can be used as proof of proficiency:

  • Certificate or confirmation from an Institute of Higher Education that the basic studies were in English
  • Certificate or confirmation from the secondary school that the courses were instructed in English
  • IELTS minimum 5.5
  • TOEFL minimum of 72

Everything ready?

When (and if) you have collected all the necessary documents, then it is time to apply on-line and upload the documents.  Your documents will then be examined at the CUAS. If the packet is complete and you fulfill all of the requirements, the application process will begin.

Apply on-line

The application process: as varied as the degree programs themselves

Fundamentally, the following is valid: bachelor degree programs of the School of Health Sciences and Social Work as well as the master degree program Health Management have a multi-leveled application process. This includes a placement exam, an application interview as well as an additional test to see if you are suited for the degree program.

Degree programs in the School of Management, School of Civil Engineering & Architecture and School of Engineering & IT will conduct application interviews after a successful review of the application packet.

Placement exam: “The early bird gets the worm!”

The earlier that you apply, the earlier you will receive an appointment date to take the placement exam!  Placement exams begin in November and will end depending on the respective application deadlines.

At the CUAS there is a written placement exam in the degree programs in the School of Health Sciences and Social Work.  In the other schools (Civil Engineering & Architecture, Bionics, Engineering & IT, and Management) application interviews will be carried out.

The date of the exam will be sent to you after your documents have been verified. The exam will be taken on a computer and will last approx. two hours. The exam will test your general knowledge, logical thinking and verbal comprehension and contains mathematical tasks and simple German exercises.

There is no specific way to prepare for the exam and the exam questions are “top secret” and are not accessible to person or companies outside of the CUAS. You can – completely free and without taking a course – occupy yourself with questions taken from these types of tests to familiarize yourself and develop an idea how the placement exam questions could be like. This could be helpful in reducing text anxiety.

Once all exams have been taken and the application period is over, then the placement/ranking will take place. Based upon the placement results, a certain number of candidates will be invited to an interview.  You will then be informed as soon as possible how your application will progress.

Practical aptitude test

If you have applied for one of the medical technical degree programs in the School of Health Sciences and Social Work, then the next step is to examine your medical, respectively, technical and practical aptitude level.  Please keep in mind: there is no real way to prepare for this – remain authentic and just be yourself.

The application interview

If you have received an invitation to an application interview, then you know: you have just achieved the first hurdle.  If you are unable to travel to this interview due to distance, etc., then after a discussion with the head of the degree program, the interview can be conducted via video conferencing, e.g. Skype.

Now, it’s time for the “Interview” with the head of the degree program.  Keep this mind:

View the interview as your chance, tell us something about you! Be yourself!

“How would you describe yourself? What do you want to be? Which career fields do you believe are open to you by studying this degree program? How do you deal with failure?” These are the type of questions that you can expect during the interview.


Lidia Negrea studies Business Management at CUAS.

„Even if it is not easy, during the Skype interview, look directly into the camera and establish eye contact with your interview partner.  Smile, be open and positive.” a tip from Lidia Negrea (Romania) for the Skype interview.



Inform yourself

Make sure that you inform yourself beforehand about the degree program.  Then you will have the right arguments why YOU should be selected. Show that you are interested; maybe during your preparatory research you found certain courses or topics that you find especially interesting or you already have experience with. Make sure to highlight this during the application interview.

The goal is before your eyes

Once the entire application process has been carried out, a weighted evaluation from all of the previous steps will be performed and you will be informed if there is a study place for you. Moreover, there is a waiting list on which you will be placed and then you will be informed in case a study place becomes open.

If you are unsuccessful this time, simply apply again in the next academic year. We are happy to receive your application and in your interest in the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences.

In case it didn’t happen this year and you still have interest in studying here, then we would be delighted if you apply again next year!

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