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My semesters abroad in Carinthia – Eliska Pravencová

A semester abroad does not only mean to study in another country, it has many advantages: you experience a foreign and new culture, improve your social skills and make new friends. With the study abroad experiences from our students from foreign countries you can get a glimpse of what life and studying is at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences.

Eliska Pravencova from the Czech Republic spent her summer semester 2021 at Campus Villach, studying “International Business Management” – here’s what she’s saying about her experience.

I have heard about opportunity to be for one semester abroad in our school, because our school offers to go to partner schools all around the world. Most of these statements are through Erasmus program. And its my situation too. 

One year before I knew that I really like Austria and I want to spend my study time abroad here so I am really happy to be there. Austria is an awesome country which is very rich for nature and I know that I would like to visit Austria for some holiday. 

The situation about Covid is not so comfortable but I think that it depends on restrictions in the concrete country and it seems that government in Austria wants to come back to normal life such as possible. But if traveling with Covid , it learned me something, its one think – never ending inform! Some rules changed very quickly so before arrival is good to inform every day for some news. 

As I said, Austria is rich for nature and it has opportunity to outdoor activities, sport, trips etc. so it was the main factor which depended my end decision to come to Austria. And I am glad that I have decided to go, because on my free time I get to know city center, another cities or Carinthia. On one day I was at the Faaker See and it was amazing (viz photo). And I want to travel to some more places, for example cities such as Salzburg, Vienna, Linz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, and to the national park “Dobratsch”, and to another lakes, mountains also.

When I was on my journey to Villach I said to myself that now everything it’s up to me. And I am here alone. But it was not true because I was surprised how people are kind here and want to help me with my start in a foreign country. Help came from people in school, classmates on dormitory etc. It was very kind and I received that there is always somebody ready to help me. People helped me with moving from Hauptbahnhof to dormitory, with my needs during quarantine, with my schedule, orientation in city, downloading important Apps etc. 

It is true that education system here is for me little bit different, because I have to prepare for many hours long sessions, and I think that I can looking forward to group works, essays, case studies and some another activities during lectures. For me it is challenging, that it’s in another language and I want to improve my language skills. When I came here I came out of my comfort zone so for me is everything very challenging. But in school I want to be better in understanding, speech and as soon as possible participation to system here. 

I have been here now for three weeks and my opinion is – GREAT DECISION! It will be months of new experiences and knowledges. I am glad to be here and I think that I will never forget.

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