About the author

My Name is Mario Wehr.

I’m teaching Smartphone Programming (Android, iOS, WP8) in the department Engineering & IT at the FH-Kärnten.

About my profession, hmmm I would say I am a hard/software developer.  Or in short I like all stuff you can program or solder 🙂

In the last few years I was involved in several interesting projects. Some of the topics, techniques and architectures  required me to delve deeper into certain subjects. So I became a so-called expert on some topics.

So what are these topics:

Smart phone programming:

Especially Android and iOS driven devices. The past 3 years I’ve done a couple of interesting projects with certain companies around mobile App programming.  I’ve developed a REST based backend which is focused to the needs of mobile Apps. clients. The backend implements features like Webservice versioning, XML response schema definitions with automatic transformation to JSON/XML POJOS, first and second level response/session context context caching,….

I’ve a deep understanding of the major third party frameworks frameworks like three20 and Restkit.

I’ve also done some substantial work with apps based on core layer, core audio, all the funny low level stuff…

cool one -> link 🙂

Embedded Systems are one of my favorite topics.

Building cross compiler for embedded platforms like ARM, MIPS, Blackfin is my world :-).  After you have a working compiler you can build up your GNU userspace/Linux kernel environment. Stripping down recent 2.6 kernels to ~800kb with full featured  TCP/IP , IDE, USB, JSF stacks are also covered. Last but not least the userspace part with only a small stdlib like newlib, uclibc, multi-call binarys, or if you want a whole damm small Linux with only the components you need on your system. Building MySQL , Apache 1.3.x/PHP/Python, for low resource System, using SQLite and a lot other cool OpenSource stuff are also one of my themes.  Using free of charge development environments like eclipse with C, C++ with remote debugging (GDB) support can be seen in one of my Workshops.

LabView: I started working with LabVIEW with Version 4.0. I think it was released in 1997-1998.

Over the years I used LabView in serveral big/small Projects. I  am familiar with the following subjects concerning LabView:

  • Desgin Patterns:
    • OOP
    • Single-Element Queue Reference Objects (or OOP for the poor)
    • statemachine patterns with/or without queue
  • Frameworks/NI-Devices
    • VISA
    • Imaq/Vision
    • CompactRIO(Martin thx :-))
      • FPGA implementation with VHDL/G
      • automation in semiconductor environment
    • DB connectivity stuff
    • HMI patterns
    • Network Connectivity
      • STM
      • WebService
      • Raw TCP/IP Stuff
    • DAQmx
    • and much more ….

I’m also familier with  C, C++, ObjC, C# (.net, WPF, MVVM concept, Entity Framework, DI Container, Service Stack…), Java (JPA, EclipseLink, Jackson, JAXB, Servlets, JFaces, GWT….)  Python, PHP, Bash scripting,……..

I have also done some projects concerning PCB layout, Micro-controllers (Atmel, PIC, Infineon, Arm and Co), using I²C, SPI, USB, RS232 interfaces.

Some of my Projects are primarily concerned with automation technologies like PLC (mostly Beckhoff CX, BX), FieldBus systems like DeviceNet, ProfiBus, EtherCAT, M-Bus,…… and lots of other nice goodies. I’m also familiar with robot devices used in semiconductor technology production lines (Brooks, ISEL, GenMark, Fanuc, …) .

I’m familiar with Linux Operating System like Debian/Ubuntu (>12year sys admin)……. Building Server Infrastructures like Webserver (apache, Nginx, LightHttp) , App.server ,  DB systems (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSql,..)., using VPN, SSH  access technologies……

I also maintain several project management/source code repository server systems where I’m using Trac , subversion and WebSVN for multi project hosting environments.

And no i do not have a account 🙂