Moodle Drag Drop features does not work in IE9 fix

We recently encountered some IE9 incompatibility issues with our latest Moodle 2.1+ installation. It turns out that the used version of the graphical back-end Yui seems do have some problems with IE9 ,…. or the other way round :-).

There are couple of bug request in the moodle bug tracking system, but for 2.1+ there is unfortunately no commit in master which fixes this issue.

So if you do not want to wait for an official release take a look at -> link. Follow the walkthrough how to update Yui an this should fix the IE9 problems.

have fun

QuadroCopter MedIT-Lab-WorkShop Part V,…. first H-Frame ….. and it flies

For the last weeks Martin has been finishing our first H-Frame based Quadrocopter.

After some PID parameter tuning we got a very smooth flying Quadro. But see for your self,….


[local /files/2011/09/Quadro.flv]

Thx to Amir and the whole NG-UAVP Team