Living Lab Carinthia

What is Living Lab Carinthia?

The requirements of interdisciplinary F&E activities increase more and more in context of active acquisition, evaluation and induction of the needs of relevant user groups. The needs and the later upcoming acceptance for the solutions and rudiments are actually based on method-standards in case of user-centered approaches. The variety of methods are overwhelmed and the specific applications in case of the particular project issues are not or insufficiently adapted.

The concept of Living Labs is an extension of the classic UCD methods and monitors the entire process from the idea, over the F&E in laboratory conditions to testing in real-life conditions. The concept contains:
– infrastructure,
– methods
– and processes
and provides in particular the F&E together and with humans.

Aim of the Living Lab Carinthia

The aim of this project is the generation of a Living Lab-Implementation concept that is based on the needs and requirements of relevant stakeholders. Additionally a realization plan for the multi-level setup and receipt of a multi – and interdisciplinary usebale Living Labs as realistic research- and development structure and methodology for the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences.

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