Closing Event

At the 8th of June the Lilab Projekt ended with an closing event. But with this event the living lab approach does not end at tha CUAS – it only started.

Cuas internal and external Partners and Supporters of the Lilab project were invited to the closing event. There they could hear lectures of Ms. Mitterbacher (CUAS), Mr. Dr. Oberzaucher (CUAS) and Mr. Dr. Liebhart (iLogs) with the issues skills lab, living lab approach, and smartwatch – AAL platforms.

Afterwards they could have a look at the new labs iADL (instrumental activities of daily living) and UX (User Experience). During the warkthrough of the labs it was possible to get a closer look to differnet projects respectively to get a view in the work of usability testing. During the come together a lot of interesting talks and ideas or possibilities for the future come up.

Thanks to all our friends and partners for the interesting evening.





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