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The team of the AAL department (Daniela Krainer, Daniela Ströckl, and Johannes Oberzaucher) of the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences visited on the 11th Feb. 2016 the Open House Day of the Forschungszentrum Informatik (FZI) in Karlsruhe / Germany. Beside different tasks about topics like industry 4.0 it was possible to visit the House of Living Labs. Under the name of “House of Living Labs” a network of different Living Labs is meant with specializations in the following topics: smartAutomation, smartHome/AAL, smartEnergy, mobileIT/mobileBusiness, smartMobility, Service Robotics, Automotive and smartSecurity. From further interest were the fields of smartHome / AAL and Service Robotics; that’s why the focused were on these two.

At first the mobile show flat was inspected. At this different kinds of produces from different manufacturers were shown, that could help elderly people at their daily living at home. The products are just presented at the show flat; they do not sell anything there. Among other things they presented a mobile phone for seniors, an automatic stove cutoff or strap-ons for chairs to sit higher.

Afterwards the show flat in the House of Living Labs with further rooms, for the technical implementation of new ideas, was visited.

The show flat is a fully equipped and furnished 2-room flat with a lobby, bedroom, living – and eating room combination and a bathroom. Implemented in the room is also assistive technology as for example a pad in front of the bed that could register movements and show them to the caregivers to support people with a higher fall risk. Furthermore, tracking systems and other non- technical support devices like special designed dishes are shown. Beside products from different firms the FZI also shows technologies and auxiliary products made by their own. An example for that is the cup for the measure of the drinking amount.

Final the Living Lab for Service Robotics was visited. There different kinds of robots that can be used in space and robots that can help rescue teams after natural disasters; they could for example help people which are buried by house walls.

FZI Website: https://www.fzi.de/en/home/

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