Participants of the master’s degree course „Small Hydropower for Sustainable Development“ will not only gain deep knowledge of how to create, design, construct, operate and evaluate small hydropower plants of any kind, but also learn a lot about the context of the hydropower engineering process. Topics including the ecological and social environment and economic considerations are also covered. In several subjects the students will get trained by working on practical examples and applying theoretical content. Two design projects will be carried out under supervision including hydrological and hydraulic calculations, drawings and technical reports describing the project.

The master’s course “Small Hydropower for Sustainable Development” will be a correspondence course with the lecturers providing the study material via an internet platform. The students will be able to download all the material and have the option to contact the lecturers by email or Skype to ask questions. All the lectures are structured within modules providing the contents in a logical order. In some subjects the latest software will be provided by the lecturers and then directly applied.

Course Graduation

The course is completed with the writing of a master’s thesis and a final panel exam. This consists of a telephone oral examination with the defence of the Master’s thesis.

Admission Requirements

Requirements for admission are alternatively:

  •  a completed  relevant bachelor’s degree (environmental engineering, electrical engineering, construction) from a university or college
  • a completed  technical diploma or master’s degree from a university or technical college
  • a completed magister, diploma or master’s degree in natural sciences or economics from a university or college plus a minimum of three years hydropower-related experience
  • a minimum of five years of relevant skilled work involving hydropower
  • In addition:
  • English language ability: minimum – matura level or CEFR Level B2
  • students must be equipped with a powerful internet connection during their studies. In addition, a laptop with integrated camera or equivalent equipment is required.

The final decision on the fulfillment of the admission requirements lies with the course management.

Program Small Hydropower